Born:        June 18, 2006

Adopted:  December 05, 2011


I know what your thinking!  "That's the strangest looking Husky I have ever seen..." That's okay, I get that a lot.  I am actually an Entlebucher Sennenhund, the smallest of the four Swiss Mountain Dog breeds.  I am quite a rare breed and not very well known in these parts.  Pretty special, eh?  I think so, you don't see one of me running around everyday.  Not like those "Dime a Dozen"  Huskies! 


My new Dad took me in as a foster dog, I worked my magic and wormed my way into his heart and their pack.  You can read more of my story in Little Dash Lost.  I am now very happy to be in my new forever home at Husky Haven.


Well I must be off, a lot of new things to explore.

In May of 2017 I lost my vision to Glaucoma.  My Dad found me some neat goggles called Rex Specs, to protect my new prosthetic eyes, and a cool device called a BlindSight, so I could learn to echo locate [like bats or dolphins].  Check out the video below of one of our hikes.


Enjoy your visit to Husky Haven.


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Part of the Pack.
A guy could get used to this...