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Another collection of photos, taken between Fall 2012 and December 2016 in various locations at or close to Husky Haven.

**This one’s a little long.  Sorry I am a proud Papa! 

Hope you enjoyJ 

Sledding Winter 2012


A  collection of photos  taken while on various sledding trips in the Rockies in the winter of 2012.

A few photos when Brother Ross and his family were out for a week of x-country skiing in Lake Louise.


Spirit’s 7th Birthday was spent on a beautiful trip up the Lake O'Hara access road.


****Be sure to see the action in the Video Gallery below****


Moose Mountain 2010

A hike  we attempted up Moose Mountain on a crisp fall day.   I wanted to make the climb before the snow came and made the ascent impossible. 
 Once we got above the tree line it got quite windy and as we approached the last climb to the summit the wind nearly blew us off the ridge.  We had to sit down on the ridge, abandoning any further ascent and  wait for the winds to subside before beginning the long decent down.


Nahani Ridge 2010

A hike to Nahahi Ridge which is a little challenging with two eager Sibes, especially on the decent. Absolutely stunning vistas!
We had taken a lunch with us and sat down at the base of the last ascent to the ridge, a climb that cannot be attempted with the Sibes, as they have to remain on leash.
These photos are from the last hike we took as a complete family...

Fullerton Loop 2010

The Fullerton Loop is a relatively easy hike in Kananaskis just a short drive from Husky Haven. We went out to enjoy the beautiful Fall colours.
You may notice the panorama photo is also featured on my Home Page.


Brown Lowery 2010

Brown Lowery is a lovely shaded area to hike on a hot Summer day. It is just a short 10 minute drive from Husky Haven and fortunately is not very well know, accept with the locals.
There are a variety of paths, so you can either go for a short walk or spend all day if you so desire. 
It has been a favourite hike for my Sibes for many years.
We enjoy it often.
Video Gallery
 Sledding in West Bragg Creek - Jan 2014

 Sledding at Lake O'Hara - Mar 2012
 Winter Wonderland - Nov 2010
Spirit & Mira Fall Training - Oct 2007 

  Sledding at Spray Lakes - Jan 2012
Impatient Huskies -  Anytime!