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This is a page where I will from time to time post happenings of interest at Husky Haven.
I will try not to bore the readers with every little detail of our lives, like "What I had for breakfast", but just keep you posted of interesting events.

Spirit's 11th Birthday!

posted Mar 9, 2016, 8:29 AM by Keith Larden

Yesterday, March 8th, was my boy Spirit's 11th Birthday.  He is still going strong and we spent the day up at Spray Lakes sledding. 
It has been another bad year for sledding with warm weather and no snow.  It was over a month since we were last out and that too was up at Spray Lakes.

Yesterday the lake itself looked very icy and the trail that is usually on the lake was none existent.  We managed to find a snowshoe trail in the Shark mountain area that had lots of snow so gave it a try.  We all had a great run and the usual frozen herring provide a snack on the trail and at the end of the run for the four legged team members.  They just won't share with me!

Happy Birthday Spirit and thanks for a wonderful day!

First Day of Sledding/Nov 2015

posted Nov 19, 2015, 12:51 PM by Keith Larden

Today, Thursday, November 19th, was the first day out on the trails this season.  We had a heavy snowfall the night before last and the team was able to get in a short run on our road before it was plowed yesterday, but today was the first day out on the snow covered trails in West Bragg Creek area.  Of course the pups all got the now traditional Herringcicle, frozen herring, after their run.  Tail wags all around!!

The team did great, as always, with a few minor tangles in the lines in everyone's excitement.  Dash was a hit with his Rex Specs with the X-country skiers and snow shoers we met on the trails and in the parking lot.  Even the fellow grooming the trails wanted to take a picture of him!  He has always drawn interest as an "Entlebucher Sled Dog" but now he looks like the "Rock Star" he is!!

Hopefully this season will bring us more snow than last year.  The 2014-2015 season was too short with poor snow conditions after mid-January.

Dash's New Eye!

posted Sep 16, 2015, 3:09 PM by Keith Larden   [ updated Nov 19, 2015, 12:59 PM ]

As I had mentioned previously  Dash was diagnosed with Glaucoma back in May and had laser surgery on his right eye in June, in an attempt to save the eye and reduce the pressure.  Although the surgery was initially successful when I returned last week for his 3 month recheck the pressure in his right eye was again very high.  He had again not shown any discomfort or pain and the eye has been looking quite good.  The ophthalmologist, Dr. Kelli Combs Ramey at Western Veterinary Specialists in Calgary, advised we could do another laser procedure, but she recommended for Dash’s comfort that the eye be removed.  So, last Thursday, September 10th,  Dash had surgery to remove the eye and had a prosthetic eye inserted.  He is recovering well and thankfully I am still on vacation and able to be with him.  Dash' s new  Rex Specs K9 goggles are making the recovery process easier, he does not have to wear the “cone of shame” all day!

This picture was taken on October 23rd, a few weeks after Dash's surgery.  Can you guess which eye is his new one?

Dash gets his new eye-wear - Rex Specs K9

posted Aug 31, 2015, 3:22 PM by Keith Larden

Back in May of this year my "Little Buddy" Dash was diagnosed with Glaucoma in his right eye.  Dash had laser surgery on June 4th to reduce the pressure and save his eye.  The surgery although successful in reducing the pressure did not preserve the vision in his right eye.  Tragically his left eye is predisposed to developing Glaucoma as well, due to a hereditary birth defect.

With Dash's "bull in a china shop" attitude to everything, not caring who or what gets in his way, I wanted to do everything possible to protect his left eye from injury, of course.  I first tried Doggles, and although he did adapt to wearing them; they just could not stand up to his activity level and they kept moving whenever he shook his head.  And, he kept losing the lenses out of them.  I went searching and found a relatively new product called Rex Specs K9 protective eye-wear.  They were quite a bit more expensive than the Doggles and we had to get them to us at Husky Haven from Wyoming, but Dash's vision is priceless, so I ordered a pair.  They arrived today and fit perfectly right out of the box.


He has adapted to them very well for the first day and I think he looks pretty sharp in them!  These are the clear lenses pictured above, but he also has Smoke color and Mirrored, he'll be a Cooool Dude in those.  We will put them to the "Dash Test" and see how they stand up.

Ten Years As This Man’s Best Friend

posted Apr 29, 2015, 8:19 AM by Keith Larden

Today, April 29, 2015, marks 10 years since I made the five hour drive from Bragg Creek to Nanook Siberians to bring my boy Spirit home to Husky Haven, he was a mere 7 weeks old.


                                                       Spirit meets Dad.                                                        The long drive home...tiring.

Spirit is very special in that he has shared his life not only with me, but a portion with every member of our pack with the exception of his namesake Sterling, Nanook’s Sterling Spirit.  I have often wondered how Spirit feels about carrying the legacy of a feline!  He first arrived at his forever home to be greeted by Rocky, Belle and Blaze [my one remaining feline, did not so much greet the arrival of another Sibe!], and was later joined by Mira, Dash and most recently Jewel.  Spirit was by my side through Rocky’s last hours, sitting patiently, at the young age of 18 months, seeming to know he was losing his best friend and mentor. He was also by my side on the lawn with Belle and hillside with Mira as they spent their last physical moments at Husky Haven.

 Spirit, with the aid of Mira, helped me through the darkest period of my life, and in fact I am confident that together they indeed saved my life.  It was our special bound and the knowledge they needed me that kept me from a very dark place.

 I am proud to state that in the 10 years since Spirit has entered my life we have shared a piece of each other’s lives each and every day.  In 10 years we have never spent a day or some portion of every day without the company of one another.  If I have taken a vacation or had to go somewhere, Spirit has always been with me.  He has never spent time away from home in a kennel [or “jail” as I refer to them] or in someone else’s care.   Even through two knee surgeries he came home with me each night, never staying in a hospital or Vet clinic overnight.

Spirit has always been what I jokingly refer to as a “Serious Dude” and often does not show his best qualities to others, preferring to remain shy and reclusive.  I recognize his good heart and great soul and witness the “puppy inside” regularlyJ  He does not show his affections for me openly, as others like Dash and Jewel with lots of licks and cuddles, but I feel his warmth and devotion just as I currently feel his head resting on my foot as I sit and type this note.

I hope Spirit and I have many more years to share in each other’s lives.  Having lost Rocky at 12 ½ years to cancer; I hope choices I have made with Spirit’s diet will help him live a longer and healthier life.  I admit it scares me to think that someday he will have to leave, but I try not to dwell on those thoughts and strive to cherish each and every day, minute, second we have and have yet to spend together…

Today we will all hike in the mountains and Spirit, Dash & Jewel will dine on Venison with some Parmesan CheeseJ


Spirit and his teammates, Dash & Jewel.  Dec/14

I LOVE my Spirit more than anything or anybody in this world!

 Happy 10th “Puppy Day” anniversary to my “Best Buddy”!

- a PROUD SibeDad.

First Day of Sledding/Nov 2014

posted Nov 17, 2014, 12:33 PM by Keith Larden

Today, Monday November 17th, was the first time the team was out on the snow this season.  I would think this is probably the earliest we have been out in all the years I have been mushing.

We had a significant snowfall just over a week ago, but it has been brutally cold until yesterday.  Today it warmed up to -4C so I thought we would head out to West Bragg Creek and see what conditions were like.  The trails were not too bad and the team did amazingly well for their first time out considering the lack of fall training, due to time constraints on my part and unusually warm conditions.

The plan was to do a shorter circuit and then come home, but we were all enjoying the trails and fresh air so we stayed out for about 2 hours, longer than planned for the first day. Spirit, Dash & Jewel enjoyed the now customary frozen herring when we returned home. Tail wags all aroundJ

Looking forward to a great sledding season in 2014-2015!

Mira visited, again!

posted Jul 3, 2014, 7:32 AM by Keith Larden

This morning when I woke and let the pack outside for their morning constitutional I was greeted by a beautiful sight. I must relate a story from a little over a year ago, June 27, 2013, to give some background:

Every night since Mira’s passing, on June 11th,  when I had gone to bed I had asked for her to visit and let me know she was okay with everything that had transpired.  On the night of  Wednesday,  June 26,  as I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep I heard a sound on my screen.  It was this rather large moth and I thought nothing of it and finally fell asleep.  In the morning the moth was still there, it was so beautiful I had to take some pictures.  When I downloaded them and rotated them this is what I saw: 

I saw what appeared to be a Husky face staring back at me, but did not recognize Mira’s message until I got these replies back after sending the photo to a few friends.  

I had sent the pictures to a friend in Kansas, [a lady that sculpted some Husky urns Rocky, Belle and now Mira rest in] and this was her response:

“There are many who believe, especially Native Americans, that winged creatures such as dragonflies and such carry the souls of those who have just passed over. This could be a sign from Mira to let you know that she is alright and is still around you. I believe whole heatedly in this belief, don’t take it for anything less. They always find a way and you must always be open to the signs."

And from another friend in Ontario,

I saw the face right away, before I scrolled down.   I believe it is Mira telling you all is well with her and she wants it to be well for you too. Unexplainable and amazing – beyond words!

 Had I realized I would have spent more time with this beautiful creature/message.

Well this morning Mira was back for a short visit in the same "moth form" and this morning I let this beautiful creature perch on my hand and I told her "all was well here at Husky Haven and although I still missed her everyday, she need not worry."  She then flew off into the bright morning sun.

Thanks for stopping by Mira!

Happy Birthday Dash!

posted Jun 18, 2014, 10:13 PM by Keith Larden   [ updated Jun 18, 2014, 10:19 PM ]

Today was Dash's 8th Birthday, the third he has spent with me here at Husky Haven.
It was a dreary and rainy day, so we had a sleep in this morning.  My favorite time, lying in bed with all my pack around me:)  We did manage to get out for a walk, between showers, and Dash as usual had a great time carrying his ball and circling around the rest of the pack, to keep us all together.  When we came back home the three pups enjoyed sharing a "Bark Day Cake".  Dinner for the pups was Venison, a treat served only on birthdays, topped with a favorite, Parmesan cheese.  The crowd went wild...
A quiet day, I am so happy and proud to have this little guy in my life!
Happy Birthday Dash!  We'll have many, many , many more!

Another Angelic Intervention

posted Apr 21, 2014, 10:42 AM by Keith Larden   [ updated Apr 21, 2014, 12:32 PM ]

I was out walking on my road with Spirit, Dash & Jewel, as I do most mornings, when I was stopped by someone in a vehicle.  They asked me "Are those Huskies yours?", to which I proudly answered "Yes!".  They had been picking up their dog from the Kennel down the road and one of the guests at the kennel had escaped, a Husky.   They did not know what colour the dog was or if it was a male or female, just that it's name was "Arbor".  I said I would keep on the lookout for the Husky as we walked.                              

As I continued my walk and calling out Arbor's name I thought I would ask Archangel Michael, whom helped me to find Dash when he was lost a few years back, for his assistance.  I asked that if able could he help Arbor to come to me or direct her to Husky Haven or back to the kennel for safety.  Well I had not walked more than a couple hundred feet further down the road when this little red Husky, looking very much like my girl Mira, blew by me and ran up a driveway under development along the road.  I called  out and she, I later found out Arbor was a girl, stopped and looked back but then carried on up the driveway.  We [myself, Spirit, Dash & Jewel] all followed calling to her but she kept going!  When I got to the top of the driveway and did not see her I stopped and kept calling her name.  Within a few minutes someone called out from the woods "We got her!".  What a relief, and I yelled back "great" and proceeded to continue our walk back home to Husky Haven.

On our way home I got to thinking, "was that little red Husky I saw Arbor or was it Mira directing me?".  When i got home I had to phone the kennel to confirm Arbor had indeed been found and that "yes" she was a red girl!

It has been a good day for all!

Last Day of Sledding

posted Apr 3, 2014, 3:35 PM by Keith Larden   [ updated Apr 21, 2014, 9:36 AM ]

We were out sledding again today in West Bragg Creek.  Likely the last day for sledding this season as the forecast for next week is for +17 C, which will make the snow just too slushy.  Still lots of snow but with those temps the conditions will not be good at all.
The team did great, as always, with Dash not having one tangle in the lines today:)  Believe me that is a rarity.  Jewel continues to be a natural in the lead position and Spirit was putting his muscle into the lines.

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