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Another Angelic Intervention

posted Apr 21, 2014, 10:42 AM by Keith Larden   [ updated Apr 21, 2014, 12:32 PM ]

I was out walking on my road with Spirit, Dash & Jewel, as I do most mornings, when I was stopped by someone in a vehicle.  They asked me "Are those Huskies yours?", to which I proudly answered "Yes!".  They had been picking up their dog from the Kennel down the road and one of the guests at the kennel had escaped, a Husky.   They did not know what colour the dog was or if it was a male or female, just that it's name was "Arbor".  I said I would keep on the lookout for the Husky as we walked.                              

As I continued my walk and calling out Arbor's name I thought I would ask Archangel Michael, whom helped me to find Dash when he was lost a few years back, for his assistance.  I asked that if able could he help Arbor to come to me or direct her to Husky Haven or back to the kennel for safety.  Well I had not walked more than a couple hundred feet further down the road when this little red Husky, looking very much like my girl Mira, blew by me and ran up a driveway under development along the road.  I called  out and she, I later found out Arbor was a girl, stopped and looked back but then carried on up the driveway.  We [myself, Spirit, Dash & Jewel] all followed calling to her but she kept going!  When I got to the top of the driveway and did not see her I stopped and kept calling her name.  Within a few minutes someone called out from the woods "We got her!".  What a relief, and I yelled back "great" and proceeded to continue our walk back home to Husky Haven.

On our way home I got to thinking, "was that little red Husky I saw Arbor or was it Mira directing me?".  When i got home I had to phone the kennel to confirm Arbor had indeed been found and that "yes" she was a red girl!

It has been a good day for all!