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Dash gets his new eye-wear - Rex Specs K9

posted Aug 31, 2015, 3:22 PM by Keith Larden

Back in May of this year my "Little Buddy" Dash was diagnosed with Glaucoma in his right eye.  Dash had laser surgery on June 4th to reduce the pressure and save his eye.  The surgery although successful in reducing the pressure did not preserve the vision in his right eye.  Tragically his left eye is predisposed to developing Glaucoma as well, due to a hereditary birth defect.

With Dash's "bull in a china shop" attitude to everything, not caring who or what gets in his way, I wanted to do everything possible to protect his left eye from injury, of course.  I first tried Doggles, and although he did adapt to wearing them; they just could not stand up to his activity level and they kept moving whenever he shook his head.  And, he kept losing the lenses out of them.  I went searching and found a relatively new product called Rex Specs K9 protective eye-wear.  They were quite a bit more expensive than the Doggles and we had to get them to us at Husky Haven from Wyoming, but Dash's vision is priceless, so I ordered a pair.  They arrived today and fit perfectly right out of the box.


He has adapted to them very well for the first day and I think he looks pretty sharp in them!  These are the clear lenses pictured above, but he also has Smoke color and Mirrored, he'll be a Cooool Dude in those.  We will put them to the "Dash Test" and see how they stand up.