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Mira visited, again!

posted Jul 3, 2014, 7:32 AM by Keith Larden
This morning when I woke and let the pack outside for their morning constitutional I was greeted by a beautiful sight. I must relate a story from a little over a year ago, June 27, 2013, to give some background:

Every night since Mira’s passing, on June 11th,  when I had gone to bed I had asked for her to visit and let me know she was okay with everything that had transpired.  On the night of  Wednesday,  June 26,  as I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep I heard a sound on my screen.  It was this rather large moth and I thought nothing of it and finally fell asleep.  In the morning the moth was still there, it was so beautiful I had to take some pictures.  When I downloaded them and rotated them this is what I saw: 

I saw what appeared to be a Husky face staring back at me, but did not recognize Mira’s message until I got these replies back after sending the photo to a few friends.  

I had sent the pictures to a friend in Kansas, [a lady that sculpted some Husky urns Rocky, Belle and now Mira rest in] and this was her response:

“There are many who believe, especially Native Americans, that winged creatures such as dragonflies and such carry the souls of those who have just passed over. This could be a sign from Mira to let you know that she is alright and is still around you. I believe whole heatedly in this belief, don’t take it for anything less. They always find a way and you must always be open to the signs."

And from another friend in Ontario,

I saw the face right away, before I scrolled down.   I believe it is Mira telling you all is well with her and she wants it to be well for you too. Unexplainable and amazing – beyond words!

 Had I realized I would have spent more time with this beautiful creature/message.

Well this morning Mira was back for a short visit in the same "moth form" and this morning I let this beautiful creature perch on my hand and I told her "all was well here at Husky Haven and although I still missed her everyday, she need not worry."  She then flew off into the bright morning sun.

Thanks for stopping by Mira!