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Ten Years As This Man’s Best Friend

posted Apr 29, 2015, 8:19 AM by Keith Larden

Today, April 29, 2015, marks 10 years since I made the five hour drive from Bragg Creek to Nanook Siberians to bring my boy Spirit home to Husky Haven, he was a mere 7 weeks old.


                                                       Spirit meets Dad.                                                        The long drive home...tiring.

Spirit is very special in that he has shared his life not only with me, but a portion with every member of our pack with the exception of his namesake Sterling, Nanook’s Sterling Spirit.  I have often wondered how Spirit feels about carrying the legacy of a feline!  He first arrived at his forever home to be greeted by Rocky, Belle and Blaze [my one remaining feline, did not so much greet the arrival of another Sibe!], and was later joined by Mira, Dash and most recently Jewel.  Spirit was by my side through Rocky’s last hours, sitting patiently, at the young age of 18 months, seeming to know he was losing his best friend and mentor. He was also by my side on the lawn with Belle and hillside with Mira as they spent their last physical moments at Husky Haven.

 Spirit, with the aid of Mira, helped me through the darkest period of my life, and in fact I am confident that together they indeed saved my life.  It was our special bound and the knowledge they needed me that kept me from a very dark place.

 I am proud to state that in the 10 years since Spirit has entered my life we have shared a piece of each other’s lives each and every day.  In 10 years we have never spent a day or some portion of every day without the company of one another.  If I have taken a vacation or had to go somewhere, Spirit has always been with me.  He has never spent time away from home in a kennel [or “jail” as I refer to them] or in someone else’s care.   Even through two knee surgeries he came home with me each night, never staying in a hospital or Vet clinic overnight.

Spirit has always been what I jokingly refer to as a “Serious Dude” and often does not show his best qualities to others, preferring to remain shy and reclusive.  I recognize his good heart and great soul and witness the “puppy inside” regularlyJ  He does not show his affections for me openly, as others like Dash and Jewel with lots of licks and cuddles, but I feel his warmth and devotion just as I currently feel his head resting on my foot as I sit and type this note.

I hope Spirit and I have many more years to share in each other’s lives.  Having lost Rocky at 12 ½ years to cancer; I hope choices I have made with Spirit’s diet will help him live a longer and healthier life.  I admit it scares me to think that someday he will have to leave, but I try not to dwell on those thoughts and strive to cherish each and every day, minute, second we have and have yet to spend together…

Today we will all hike in the mountains and Spirit, Dash & Jewel will dine on Venison with some Parmesan CheeseJ


Spirit and his teammates, Dash & Jewel.  Dec/14

I LOVE my Spirit more than anything or anybody in this world!

 Happy 10th “Puppy Day” anniversary to my “Best Buddy”!

- a PROUD SibeDad.