Born:        November 30, 2011 [Estimated]

Adopted:  December 12, 2013

I came to Husky Haven in December of 2013 as a rescue from the Fort McMurray SPCA.  I had come to the SPCA in mid September and shortly after gave birth to three beautiful puppies.  I have not shared my life before that time with my new Dad as he has had enough sadness already in 2013 with the loss of Mira in June.


Dad saw me on the SPCA website [see my picture/promo below] and could not get me out of his thoughts; so on December 12th he flew all the way to Fort McMurray to meet me and that night we both flew back to Husky Haven so I could be with my two new brothers Spirit and Dash.


Mira's energy spirit had guided my Dad to that website, she felt how sad he was and knew that I needed help and a good home and that I might remind him just a little bit of her.  You see neither one of us girls could decide which colour eyes were prettiest, so we each took one of each colour, only opposite, kind of like a mirror image!  Mira also knew I could bring the joy back into everyone’s lives at Husky Haven.  I have already accomplished that with my bubbly and playful personality and I fit into the pack like I have lived here for yearsJ

Life is good now!


Enjoy your Siber visit to Husky Haven.


Chillin' at my new home!