A few sites that we at Husky Haven recommend:
Nanook Siberian Huskies - The wonderful, caring breeder that brought Spirit & Mira into my life.
Colours of the Siberian Husky - An excellent site to learn more about the Siberian Husky and the genetics behind the many varied colours of this fascinating breed.  Check out the 'Required Reading' page before you start looking to adopt a Sibe into your pack.
The Canine Fitness Centre - Fitness & Physical Rehabilitation.  I have counted on the expertise of Laurie and her colleagues to help the pack rehabilitate from injuries over the years.
Trupanion - Spirit, Mira, Dash and now Jewel have been covered for injury and illness since they came into my life.  I would highly recommend this reasonably priced protection for any active pets. 
Invisible Fence - I had the entire acreage fenced with this system the day after I moved in.  With the proper training it provides peace of mind even for Siberian Husky owners like me.  My Sibes have often chased deer and other wildlife on the property, but always stop at the Invisible Fence line.  
Siberian Husky Health Foundation - The Siberian Husky Health Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to promoting the welfare of the Siberian Husky breed in the areas of health and genetics, education and rescue.
Tail Blazers- Health Food Store For Pets - Information about the health benefits of feeding a B.A.R.F. diet.  Our favourite food store.
Legacy Pet Foods Inc. - I feed my Pack a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food [B.A.R.F] diet based around product from Legacy Pet Foods.
Urban Carnvivore -  This site is loaded with information about the health benefits of feeding a B.A.R.F. diet.
A Special Place  - Memorials for your pet.  Look in 'Art & Crafts' to find a very special memorial statue for those Sibes that have gone North of Rainbow Bridge.
Some Dogs Are Angels - The Most Extraordinary True Stories You Will Ever Read.
Bowser Pet Products [Donut Beds] - These are Spirit, Dash & Jewel's favourite beds.  Oooh Sooo Comfy....  I have several around the house, one even large enough for two to curl up in!!
http://www.rexspecs.com/- Dash lost his right eye to Glaucoma in 2015, and with his "bull in a china shop" approach to life/activity these goggles are just THE BEST.  They will not shake off!  These protective eye-wear, designed specifically for canines, provide great protection for Dash's remaining eye.

Sibes Are My Life…