Nanook’s Winter Miracle



Born: November 12, 2006


I came to Husky Haven at the age of 7 months.  Dad & Spirit had been very sad after the passing of Rocky & Belle only a few months earlier.  They had been looking for a miracle, so along I came. I brought the ‘Sunshine’ back into everyone’s lives within minutes of my arrival.  You see I have the power to light up a whole acreage with my bubbly personality and abundant energy.  An energy, which was passed to me when Rocky & Belle moved on from this world.


I am the sweet, adorable one that gets away with almost anything.  How can anyone say NO to this face?  I too love to run and play on our property with my big brother Spirit, but truth be told he can be a bit of bully sometimes.  But, what big brother isn’t?  My new brother Dash tries to act as my protector, but I can look after myself quite well, thank you very much!


Well I must be off, got squirrels to chase, enjoy your visit to Husky Haven.
My time at Husky Haven was far too short and on June 11, 2013 I was called to join Rocky & Belle North of  Rainbow Bridge.


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Mira Girl at Husky Haven

♫ Sarah McLachlin - Ordinary Miracle


A girl just needs to relax!