A Brief History of My Husky Haven Pack


My first Husky boy, Rocky, came to me in 1994 from a very prestigious line of Siberians.  His father ‘Elvis’ was a Canadian/American/Japanese champion and one of the top Sibes in Canada in the early 1990’s, his mother ‘Cheyenne’ was also a Canadian/American champion.  Although I adopted Rocky as a pet he did make one sneaky appearance in the show ring while Cheyenne was pregnant with his litter, she won Best of Breed.  Rocky was born on January 8th, which just happens to be Elvis Presley’s birthday, so being Elvis’s son it was only fitting that I chose ‘Jailhouse Rock’ as his registered name.  He came home to me at the age of seven weeks and changed my life forever.  Rocky was my first dog and if he had not been such a great boy I may not have chose to adopt Belle a year and a half later.   People who had the good fortune to meet him often commented on his confidence and a regal presence he carried with him everywhere.  He was not only a great dog, but a great friend and a great soul.


When I was looking for a pack mate for Rocky I went back the same breeder looking to adopt another small puppy.  They did not have any litters planned at that time but did have a 4 month old female they had kept as pick of their last litter in hopes to show her, but due to her timid nature she was not a good candidate for the show ring.  Thus Belle came into my life and brightened it forever.  My ‘Lil’ Ray of Sunshine’ had a sweet personality that could put a smile on your face after having the worst day imaginable.


As Rocky and Belle got older and I did not want either to be alone in the event one or the other were to cross the Rainbow Bridge I decided to adopt Spirit into my pack in the spring of 2005, also at the age of seven weeks.  His registered name is Sterling Spirit; in homage to my first boy Sterling, my male cat who passed away in 2004 [I also had a female cat, Blaze, who passed in 2008 at the age of 18+ years].  Spirit loved to be with his big brother Rocky and followed him everywhere.  He and Belle were great playmates as they used to have great fun running and playing together on my 5 acre property.  Spirit has turned out to be a fine addition and like all Huskies has a personality all his own, very much trying to live up to his name.
I lost Rocky to cancer in September of 2006 and too shortly after in January of 2007 Belle passed on, going to be with her best friend forever. 
Mira, my little Miracle, came to Husky Haven in June of 2007 to bring the 'Sunshine' back into my life I was so missing.  She is a huge bundle of joy and happiness wrapped in a little package and she and Spirit run, play and often times hunt on the property and have grown to be inseparable and the best of pack mates.
Dash, my wanna be Husky, came to Husky Haven in December of 2011.  He is an Entlebucher Sennehund, the smallest of the Swiss Mountain breeds.  I had taken Dash in as a foster while looking for a forever home for him.  He wormed his way into my heart and fit in so well with our pack that he decided to stay.
Mira/Dash/ Spirit

In June of 2013 Mira sadly passed from Husky Haven, after a 3 month illness, at the young age of 6 years, 7 months.

Jewel came to Husky Haven 6 months later, in December of 2013.  I know in my heart that Mira sent me to find my precious Jewel who was at the SPCA in  Fort McMurray, AB.  She had come into the shelter as a stray a few months earlier so her history is unknown.  Jewel is a very gentle and sweet girl and has fit into our pack of boys perfectly, bringing back a balance that had been missing since Mira's untimely departure.


I love all my four legged children and those that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge will never be forgotten. I hope someday we will be together again running as a pack North of Rainbow Bridge.


Sibes Are My Life…

                                                         ^   and One Very Special Wanna Be Sibe